Rose & Judy
Golden Pathway

Rose & Judy have blood harmony, a musical blend that comes from lifelong partners. I felt that connection upon first hearing them, and in that moment anticipated events to unfold. A couple of years later while planning a show for Old Settler's Festival (I was running sound), Judy mentioned that they wanted to do some recording and wondered if I knew anything about that. My heart leapt as I responded, "I thought you'd never ask!" So in four days over three weeks, we recorded, mixed and mastered The Journey. Recording as we did - head-on, no click track, no isolation, no headphones, at fastidiously high resolution (as we did with Carry Me Home) - I was reminded how important are feelings and sonic clarity.

So two weeks later while riding a Caldwell County Road, I heard Golden Pathway in my mind's ear and fortunately was able to transcribe it before the Muse abruptly departed. I knew I had the right song and the right talents to bring the Taking Turns song circle to twelve. We went back to Fred's along with the Gibson Sisters and Mike Harris on dobro, set up and played it head-on for a few takes, and then got this one. (Real-time playing/recording - folks used to do this a lot.) The cherry on top is to have James add the tiniest, tastiest bit of percussion.

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Rose Kimball
Judy Painter

Sally Gibson
Laurie Gibson
Mike Harris
James Fenner
vocal, guitar
vocal, mandolin

acoustic bass
Fred Remmert Cedar Creek Studio (South Austin)


How you gonna walk that GOLDEN PATHWAY?
How you gonna know your steps are true?
Standin’ at the fork ‘tween this and that way,
How you gonna choose what’s best for you?

How you gonna make your way through darkness?
How you gonna find that guiding light?
Hopin’ you can take His simple likeness,
How you gonna go into that Good Night?

And there’s an answer for all your questions,
And a shield from all your fears.

How you gonna find a hand to help you?
How you gonna wipe away those tears?

How you gonna walk that GOLDEN PATHWAY?
How you gonna know your own true pace?
Willin’ to believe that there’s a right way,
How you gonna find that Blessed Place?

And there are questions for all your answers,
As there’s truth for every lie.

How you gonna find that Land of Promise
Where you never live and never die?

Forget your questions and all your answers.
Let your faith be bold and free.

Then you’re gonna walk that GOLDEN PATHWAY,
And you’re gonna find who you can be.

by Fletcher Clark
©2010, Armadillo Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

rev. 07/29/10