Mady Kaye
Don't Be Nowhere

An unabashed fan of the Great American Songbook, Mady is "...a skillful interpreter of Tin Pan Alleyís classics, and when she gives voice to these masterpieces of wit and romance, she communicates all the craft, all the feeling that has made these songs standards..." In addition to our musical relationship, we shared stewardship of the Music Umbrella of Austin and its Songwriter Competition, the progenitor of the Austin Song Writers Group. To hear more of her, check out Mady Kaye Goes Cabaret, Volume 2: The Magic of Mercer

After the rhythm section had recorded Craig's Until You Walked Out on Me, a breezy Cedar Creek morning became a swinging noon when Mady showed. (Sidebar: Ray Charles: play in time, in tune, with feeling!) Actually, more than a sidebar, that's Mady. Wow! This wonderful songstress and these tasty players - together. It's so easy this way. At Flashpoint, after adding archtop rhythm guitar, this song was made complete with Mike's trombone, a baritone complement to a mezzo soprano. I never spoke aloud the names Billie Holiday and Jack Teagarden, but they had always been the voices in mind's ear. And then there's Floyd's expressive piano... Spencer's easy lines... Art's superb brush work...

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Floyd Domino
Spencer Starnes
Art Kidd
Fletcher Clark
Mike Mordecai
acoustic bass
archtop guitar
Fred Remmert
Eastside Flash
Cedar Creek Studio (South Austin)
Flashpoint Studio (Downtown Austin)


DONíT BE NOWHERE without me.
Donít be takiní no trips.
Donít be lendiní those sweet lips
To anyone but me.

DONíT BE NOWHERE without me.
Donít be danciní at clubs.
Donít be gettingí no back rubs
From anyone but me.

I know I canít possess you.
Youíre simply too headstrong.
But then when I caress you,
I pray you prove me wrong.

I wonít be nowhere without you.
Wonít be far from your side.
Wonít be takiní no backslide
From anyone so true as you.
So although wherever you are,
Thatís where you happen to be.
My darliní, wonít be nowhere - without me.

by Fletcher Clark
©2010, Armadillo Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

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