Greezy Wheels
No Fault, No Blame, No Shame

In the day, Greezy Wheels, Balcones Fault (me & Jack Jacobs) and Freda and the Firedogs (Marcia Ball) would pack the Armadillo on a hot Saturday night. Cleve and Mary were among the first musicians I met when I came to Austin. Later I did a brief stint as their first sorta-full-time piano player.

Anyway, after hearing this tune, Cleve asked if it would be okay to give it the full Greezy treatment. More than okay, the sketch started me thinking of a Cecil B. deMille production. Finally, Cleve said he wanted to do it "acoustic", and suggested I add guitar. Reflexively, I called one of my favorite guitar players, and Inmon said he would be delighted to do this. Then we invited Ponty to the party - like a sprinkle of filé.

Set up in Fred's studio, we cut the track head-on with everyone having a relaxed and fun evening. I love it when a plan comes together! Now good jew's harp players are hard to come by. As the true Armadillo guru, Jim Franklin has regaled thousands of music lovers with his performance art, and was perfect for this cut. Cap it off with Lissa and PJ's signature Greezy vocals, a touch of bass, a dash of tasty percussion, and this cut was done!

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Cleve Hattersley
Mary Hattersley
Lissa Hattersley

Penny Jo Fullus
John Inmon
Ponty Bone
Fletcher Clark
James Fenner
Jim Franklin
vocal, acoustic slide guitar

acoustic guitar
electric bass
jew's harp
Fred Remmert Cedar Creek Studio (South Austin)


NO FAULT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME - the way love ought to be -
Just two consenting adults consenting to be free.
But then one day when I woke up and saw what we became,
I knew our love was over - NO FAULT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME.

You started pointin’ fingers to remind me
Of just how you believed I should behave.
We started off as equals and as partners,
But then you started treatin’ me as if I were your slave.

So can you understand me now that I won’t play your game?
It’s clear our love is over - NO FAULT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME.

While playin’ on the road at some country dive,
I thought I’d use the phone to see that you’re alive.
Imagine my surprise, my dear, when a man called out your name.
When trust is gone, it’s over - NO FAULT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME.

Now, darlin’, I know well you’ll find another
Who’ll answer to your every beck and call.
But we both know that one day it will happen
That that poor fool will find out that he’s headed for a fall.

And so, my dear, I’ll make it clear - I’ll never speak your name.
Thank God our love is over - NO FAULT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME.
Thank God our love is over - NO FAULT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME.

by Fletcher Clark
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