Tommy Elskes
Get My Soul

Tommy brings great passion to everything he sings, which can range completely over any songwriter's work - he easliy could have been the sole artist for all of Taking Turns. I've known for most our long friendship that the time would come when he would be exactly the right voice. Check out his CD Bohemia.

For a long time he could be coaxed out of New Mexico only occasionally, and such an occasion while visiting with friends in Cuero made him available to record.Tommy drove up to Layton's studio in Manchaca to cut the basics with Denim.

Listening to Tommy's first few vocal phrases, Layton sputtered, "What an instrument!" Later, Riley laid down the vintage Hammond C3 w/ Leslie at Cedar Creek. Then at Flash's, we recorded Fenner and Pearcy together for the percussion parts. (Man, talk about ear candy! ...and Joe, another favorite guitar player of mine. His slide here embraces the tension of meandering chromaticism pitted against pedal roots and modal tones.

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Bill Browder
Mike Rieman
Eddie Cantu
Riley Osbourn
James Fenner
Paul Pearcy
Joe Forlini
Layton DePenning
electric bass
congas, percussion
electric slide guitar
background vocals
Layton DePenning
Fred Remmert
Eastside Flash
Elmos's Lab (Manchaca)
Cedar Creek Studio (South Austin)
Flashpoint Recording Studio (Downtown Austin)


Girl, the time has come to face the situation,
That loving you has almost been my ruination.
When you were poor, I gave you money.
I gave you warmth when the night was cold.
I let you take my heart and hand,
But Iíll be damned if you GET MY SOUL.

The hell of who we are is an illusion.
We canít make sense of all of this confusion.
You wanted me to be somebody
That you could pour into your mold.
How can I make you understand?
Iíll be be damned if you GET MY SOUL.

You wanted me to be your mortal savior.
But I canít cleanse the sins of your behavior.
There in the darkness of my shadow
You placed your life under my control.
IĎve taken all that I can stand
And Iíll be be damned if I'll take your soul.

O-Oh No! Canít GET MY SOUL!
O-Oh No! Canít GET MY SOUL!
O-Oh No!

by Fletcher Clark
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