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  1. Shaidri Alrich Darlin' (Don't Wait Up for Me Tonight)
  2. Tommy Elskes Get My Soul
  3. Craig Toungate Until You Walked Out on Me
  4. Michael Durbin Lord, Please Send Me Someone
  5. Mady Kaye Don't Be Nowhere
  6. Denim The Quiet Time
  7. Shake Russell Mary Kay's Waltz
  8. Béto y los Fairlanes Marinera Luna
  9. Greezy Wheels No Fault, No Blame, No Shame
  10. Elizabeth Wills Dreamin' About You
  11. Rose & Judy Golden Pathway
  12. Lindsay Haisley A Choirboy's Lament

All songs by Fletcher Clark (Darlin' with Jack Jacobs), Armadillo Music (ASCAP).
Each Selection is linked to a page with Producer's Notes and Lyrics, as well as links to Artist's WebSite, RecordingClip, LeadSheet, and Ringtone.

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TAKING TURNS is a song swap among my musical pals - twelve exciting artists and ensembles ably supported by Austin’s best session players, and lovingly captured by skilled engineers. Armadillo has always offered a wide range of talents and styles to provoke the adventurous and discriminating tastes of our audiences. It is within this tradition we are TAKING TURNS.
I believe Ed Sullivan would have approved
- as would Lawrence Welk.

Fletcher Clark, Producer

Hank Alrich mandolin ~ Ponty Bone accordion ~ Bill Browder guitars, vocals ~ the late Tony Campise alto sax, bass flute ~ Eddie Cantu drums ~ Fletcher Clark archtop guitar, electric bass ~ Ian Davidson oboe ~ Layton DePenning vocals ~ Floyd Domino piano ~ James Fenner congas/percussion ~ Joe Forlini electric slide guitar ~ Jim Franklin jew's harp ~ John Fremgrin electric bass ~ Arturo Garza congas ~ Laurie Gibson fiddle ~ Sally Gibson acoustic bass ~ Rich Haering trumpet ~ Lindsay Haisley autoharp ~ Mike Harris classical guitar, dobro ~ Cleve Hattersley acoustic slide guitar, vocals ~ Lissa Hattersley vocals ~ Mary Hattersley violin ~ John Inmon guitar ~ Art Kidd drums ~ Rose Kimball guitar ~ Danny Levin strings ~ John Mills clarinet, tenor sax ~ David Moerbe vocals ~ Laura Mordecai percussion ~ Mike Mordecai trombone ~ Larry Nye guitar ~ Riley Osbourn keyboards ~ Judy Painter mandolin ~ Paul Pearcy percussion ~ Penny Jo Pullus vocals ~ Mike Rieman electric bass ~ Russell Scanlon classical guitar ~ Robert Skiles piano ~ Spencer Starnes acoustic/electric bass ~ Steve Summer drums/percussion.