IF I DONíT GET YOU, what will I do?
What will I tell myself then?
If I canít have you, will the sky still be blue?
Will the sun still shine now and then?

I remember when Iíd never tasted your kissiní,
Never known the pleasure of your warm and gentle touch.
It was easier then, just not knowiní what I'se missiní -
In my ignorance I did not mind so much.


I recognize I may not have the wealth you could be after.
Iím a simple soul living in these complicated times.
But if you place a value upon true love and laughter,
Great riches surely could be yours and mine.


There's nothing much that I think I could know about the future.
Itís enough to try to put a handle on whatís now and here.
But if I were to choose a highway out of this confusion,
Oh, the way my heart would go I know is clear.

What will I doÖ IF I DONíT GET YOU?

Hank's Notes

A few months after first leaving Austin I realized I hadn't written a song in quite a while, and the specter of writer's block loomed. While I often go for considerable lengths of time without writing a song and don't worry about it at all, other times terror strikes my songwriter's heart. When I don't worry about it everything works out eventually - when a song shows up. A few times panic has ensued and I've had a song burst forth almost immediately. Though I typically don't write love songs, a few times this process has brought me a song fitting that description. This song is for Lanis, even though I did have her at the time (and still do), and I am way beyond grateful for her presence all these years.

More than any other song I've written, this song seems to get people singing on the chorus once they've heard it a few times, even friends of mine who rarely sing. I get a kick out of that.


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