Is it bigger than our house? Oh, how can I explain
When my children ask me, "DADDY, WHAT’S A TRAIN?”

A train track runs closely by Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, Texas, and at the end of the decay of this song on the keeper take, a train and whistle showed up on the sonic horizon. It didn't make the cut, coming too late, and being too distant, but it was an entertaining (if not portentous) moment for all of us in the studio.

Hank's Notes

I got this song from my dear and departed friend Chuck Dockham, a man who brought lots of terrific music into my life, along with a very enlightened perspective on a whole lot of human being. Chuck was a wonderful singer, with a clear and emotionally gripping voice, and a powerful old-timey, cowboy style on his 1940's Martin HD-28. Together his voice and that guitar made powerful statements.

This fine song from the late Utah Phillips, who lived in Nevada City, California for many years, grabbed me immediately. Chuck lived outside of Nevada City on the San Juan ridge, and had learned Daddy, What's a Train? directly from Utah. He had his own handle on the song, and it was a big one.


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